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When SmartTAP 360° Met OVOC


Take a moment to cast your mind back to the time before smartphones were, quite literally, everywhere. In many ways, it seems like another era. If you wanted to make a call, you had to look for a phone box that hadn’t been vandalized. If you wanted to know what time it was, you had to wear an object called a watch on your wrist. And if you got lost, you had to – gulp! – ask for directions or be condemned to driving around in circles for hours.

Although some people might look back nostalgically on those days, it’s undeniable that smartphones make things easier in many important (and fun) ways. From doing your banking to listening to music, from watching movies to taking and editing pictures – everything for your busy life is available in one place for easy access with just a press or a swipe.

At AudioCodes, we think that there’s a valuable lesson in there. That’s why we decided to integrate the AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° call recording solution into our One Voice Operations Center (OVOC).

SmartTAP 360° is an all-in-one enterprise compliance recording solution that captures and indexes voice, video and instant messaging interactions with customers and within organizations. OVOC is a solution that merges voice network device management and quality of experience monitoring into one intuitive web-based application, enabling administrators to embrace a simplified and holistic approach to network lifecycle management.

By bringing SmartTAP 360° under OVOC’s wing, all the vital compliance recording information that enterprises need can now be seen in one place, not unlike the smartphone example we saw earlier.

As we will see, there are many advantages to merging everything into a single pane of glass.

Imagine an enterprise that has to rely on a whole bunch of different systems to manage devices, quality of service, call routing and system health. And if all that wasn’t enough to keep an eye on, try throwing interaction recording into the mix. OVOC was always the go-to solution for managing voice applications and infrastructure. Now it delivers centralized access for interaction recording as well.

Not only can you turn SmartTAP 360° on and off with just a few clicks from OVOC, you can also be notified immediately by a range of user-definable alarms whenever there’s an issue that needs attention. These alarms can be searched and filtered according to severity, device or region, and then forwarded to emails, Syslog servers and other SNMP systems.

Furthermore, beyond the technical benefits of integrating SmartTAP 360° into OVOC, there are a number of interlinked commercial reasons why this merger makes total sense. A systems integrator or service provider offering SmartTAP 360° as a service can pitch a single orchestrator in one package to manage all the customer’s SmartTAP 360° installations. Similarly, an enterprise with several SmartTAP 360° installations spread across the business can manage them all from a single pane of glass. Even better, an existing AudioCodes customer already using OVOC as a solution manager can now manage SmartTAP 360° installations from an additional tab in OVOC instead of having to use a completely separate platform.

Sometimes, a partnership just works. When it’s done properly, it can often yield much more than the sum of its individual parts. The integration of SmartTAP 360°with OVOC is a perfect example. Why not try it and see?







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