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Video Blog ▶ The Simple Way to Achieve Voice Calling Success with Microsoft Teams

Video Blog ▶ The Simple Way to Achieve Voice Calling Success with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s Inspire 2022 partner event might be over, but Microsoft Teams is still as popular as ever thanks to its incredible instant messaging, online collaboration and voice calling functionality.

For forward-thinking enterprises that prioritize productivity in our competitive globalized economy, this makes total sense. After all, Microsoft Teams is the perfect way to ensure seamless connectivity between employees in the hybrid workplace, regardless of where they happen to be located.

But if you’re a Microsoft partner, and you don’t have all the in-house tech expertise to plan and deploy such voice calling solutions for your end customers, does that mean you have to miss the Teams train?

Thanks to the AudioCodes Live portfolio, the answer is a resounding “no”!

Your One-Stop Shop for Teams PSTN Connectivity

AudioCodes offers (like Live Cloud and Live Express) are the ideal way for Microsoft partners to quickly build a Microsoft Teams PSTN connectivity practice without a deep technical background in voice calling.

These innovative SaaS solutions are specially designed to help partners rapidly onboard their customers to voice calling for Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing. They also include powerful tools to manage daily operations, analytics and reporting, as well as self-service portals for managing users and calling policies.

Even better, we also offer a range of subscription-based goodies like business phones, meeting room devices, call recording and applications for boosting meeting productivity.

Check out this short but very informative video clip, which was especially created for Inspire and premiered at the event, to learn more about this game-changing portfolio.


And if you liked what you saw, why not download this popular white paper to get all facts about PSTN connectivity for Microsoft Teams?


Got questions about the AudioCodes Live portfolio? Ask our experts!


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