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Video Blog ▶ Blocking Background Noise the AudioCodes Way

Video Blog | Blocking Background Noise the AudioCodes Way

Intrusive background noise seeping into important audio and video calls – whether you’re talking from your office, home office, huddle or meeting room – is something that you’re no doubt familiar with, especially in our new era of hybrid working.

That’s precisely why we at AudioCodes created an improved background noise blocking feature for our market-leading business IP phones.* Put simply, it decreases the dynamics of the signal and suppresses any ambient noise when no speech is detected.

The result? Goodbye to interruptions and hello to higher productivity!

Watch it in action in this video.....

.....And check out this post for the full story.

* Improved background noise block is currently available on our C450HD, C448HD and 445HD business IP phones.

Want to say goodbye to annoying background noise and hello to high productivity?




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