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Unified Communications Enables the World to Stay Healthy and Work from Home

Across the globe, the world is united in the effort to stay healthy and work from home wherever possible. Enterprises worldwide are focused on reinventing the new rules of productivity in an economy defined by the challenges of staying connected in isolation. Responding to this new shift of priorities, Microsoft Teams is well positioned to enable employees worldwide to work from home effectively.

Google Trends search data shows the Skype brand is closely associated with interest in remote work. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the “Meetings First” functionality enables Skype for Business users with Enterprise Voice to join Microsoft Teams Meetings.  Presented as an alternative to Islands mode that prioritizes the Microsoft Teams meeting experience, Meetings First accelerates enterprise adoption of Microsoft Teams – especially considering the new priority to enable employees to work from home.

Source: Google Trends 90 Day Search Volume for the terms: “Microsoft Teams”, “Skype for Business”, “Skype”, “Work from Home” in USA

Source: Google Trends 90 Day Search Volume for the terms:
“Microsoft Teams”, “Skype for Business”, “Skype”, “Work from Home” in USA

Enterprise support for Meetings First enables participants to join a Microsoft Teams meeting, while continuing to use Skype for Business. This prevents a clash of modalities, enabling uninterrupted access to text chat, voice calls, and presence for Skype for Business users who join Microsoft Teams meetings. The “better together” scenario supports coexisting sessions for both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business while enabling interoperability with Microsoft Teams only users.

Work-From-Home Solutions


For complex or large enterprises, voice migrations can take years to complete, resulting in extended coexistence scenarios. If such coexistence leverages Islands mode, users have the choice of two meeting configurations (Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams), which can be confusing. Unlike voice migrations, meetings migrations are easier to roll out across the entire company over a shorter time period. AudioCodes encourages organizations who want to migrate to Microsoft Teams meetings as quickly as possible (without voice migration as a prerequisite) to consider Meetings First.

Closely aligned with the Microsoft offering, the AudioCodes Room Experience meeting solutions are designed to support both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, including enhanced “click-to-join” and “better together” functionality.

AudioCodes Meeting Insights allows team members to easily capture their meetings, including voice and content shared, and capture action items and highlights.  With Meeting Insights it is easy to turn collaboration to continuous productivity.

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