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Top 5 Reasons to Choose the AudioCodes Mediant Cloud Edition (CE) SBC


Whether you’re expanding an existing enterprise or starting a completely new business venture in unfamiliar territory, there are a million and one different things you need to take into consideration to tilt the odds of success in your favor. From creating business plans, to sourcing finance, to getting the marketing spot on — you’re certainly going to be busy. The last thing you want to be preoccupied with is your nascent enterprise’s network infrastructure and nagging questions how much network capacity you’ll need to provide.

To help take the pressure off when you’re estimating demand, we at AudioCodes designed and built the Mediant Cloud Edition (CE) session border controller.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why the Mediant CE is exactly the SBC you’ve been waiting for.


It’s completely cloud-based.

The cloud has quite rightly been hailed as a game changer for business applications because it delivers on demand usage, scalability, flexibility and resiliency with a minimal capital outlay. Taking full advantage of today’s technology, the Mediant CE uses cloud-based architecture to bring you all the functionality you’d expect from hardware-based session border controllers (SBCs).


It grows with your needs.

Because you can never be sure ahead of time what you’re going to need in terms of network resources, it makes sense to look for a solution that’s as flexible as possible. The Mediant CE is dynamically scalable, so it can meet any sudden or unexpected demand in real time while eliminating the need to allocate maximum resources for worst-case scenarios.


It won’t break the bank.

The Mediant CE is cost-effective enough to appeal to newly-launched businesses with limited technology infrastructure budgets, yet can also easily scale to the high capacity needs of growing and large enterprises. In fact, our tests have shown that the Mediant CE’s dynamic allocation patterns can save as much as 60 percent in resource costs over time.


It’s straightforward to deploy.

The Mediant CE is easily deployed in environments with multiple private and public clouds — and no complicated know-how is required. You can do it all with familiar native cloud deployment tools such as CloudFormation in Amazon Web Services (AWS).


It’s even easier to manage.

The Mediant CE is managed effortlessly with clear commands and a simple REST API. Even better, it’s also fully automation and DevOps-ready.



Read our new white paper to find out how the elastic
AudioCodes Mediant Cloud Edition (CE) session border controller really is stretching the cloud.




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