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Top 5 Reasons Microsoft Teams Made it to the Super Bowl

We may root for different teams playing in different leagues, but let’s agree on one universal truth. Professional sports means big business, and American Football is no exception. Enterprise collaboration software might seem like an unusual suspect for a 30 second Superbowl ad spot that runs a cool $5.6 million. It sends a clear message from Redmond. Microsoft Teams is now positioned as the 800 pound gorilla in the collaboration space – for both consumers and enterprises.


Consumerization of IT Meets Enterprise Collaboration

As a rule, big business follows consumer trends. Not everyone is old enough to remember that the Internet itself was regarded as a passing “fad” not that long ago. Today, the distinction between “brick and mortar” and “e-commerce” is virtually meaningless. The two retailers who top the Fortune 500 list, Amazon and Wallmart, both have physical and digital consumer touchpoints. Amazon, however, is driving digital transformation in the enterprise precisely because of its agile culture and track record in delivering successfully as a visionary leader.


Microsoft Teams Dominates Slack

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the consumer version of Skype will be integrated into Microsoft Teams so that any freelancers and contractors using Skype can participate effectively in enterprise meetings. In other words, Microsoft Teams now welcomes both enterprise customers and consumers. Time to play in the big leagues.


End-of-Life for Skype for Business Online

Microsoft announced Skype for Business Online will be replaced completely by a native Microsoft Teams experience. As a result, enterprises who rely heavily on Skype for Business Online are accelerating migration initiatives to ensure a smooth transition to a native Teams ecosystem.


Unified Communications is Better Together with Meetings First

Many enterprise customers want to keep using Skype for Business for communications, but still participate effectively in the new world of enterprise collaboration using Microsoft Teams support the meeting experience. Enabling a “Better Together” meeting experience, Meetings First lets customers experience both environments regardless of where they are in the journey to a Teams Native environment.


Digital Transformation of the Meeting Experience

Embracing digital transformation means planning for a future dominated by the remote meeting experience. Enterprise technologies must empower a new generation of consumers and leaders. That means reimagining those traditional boundaries that once separated them. By featuring the first ever female NFL coach in a global marketing campaign, Microsoft is clearly saying the rules of the game have changed.


Regardless of where you are on your Microsoft Teams migration journey, agility plays a critical role in bridging the gap between revolutionary consumer innovation and evolutionary enterprise adoption. That is the delicate balance enterprise leaders must strike. 

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