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Take the Express Way to Microsoft Teams Phone

Take the Express Way to Microsoft Teams Phone

The road to simplified migration with the Microsoft Teams Phone starts here.

The rise of virtual meetings brought voice- and video-based communications to the forefront, and with the global shift to hybrid work, businesses want to keep up with the latest and greatest. One of the most notable platforms to bring internal voice communications to life is Microsoft Teams, paving a clear path as one of the leaders for unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

With over 270 million monthly active users as of January 2022, Microsoft Teams continues to grow in popularity across all industries. One of the latest options for partners is the ability to offer their business customers Microsoft Teams Phone using Direct Routing. Direct Routing lets partners navigate the shift in the telecommunications industry while remaining in control over their carrier, all while offering their customers the chance to integrate their existing telephony systems into Microsoft Teams.

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams 

Direct Routing facilitates PSTN connectivity to Microsoft Teams Phone using the customer’s SIP trunks to enable voice calls to and from Teams. Partners can provide greater benefits for their customers by helping them onboard to Microsoft Teams Phone via Direct Routing, including a wider range of deployment options, customization to customers’ needs and control over the solution and its costs, making it a better choice for larger, more dynamic businesses. 

Direct Routing can support existing UC/PBX solutions, as well as existing contact centers, along with other elements in a complex voice network, analog devices, and Teams SBA. It also offers end-to-end Quality of Experience (QoE) management, making it the safest and preferred option for partners.

Rapid Direct Routing with AudioCodes Live Express

AudioCodes Live Express is a SaaS solution for enabling partners to onboard business customers to Microsoft Teams Phone seamlessly and efficiently. This unique solution answers current market demands and empowers partners with a solid cloud offering for their business customers. Partners can enjoy simplified customer onboarding while reducing TCO for their customers by avoiding out-of-pocket investments in frameworks and/or technical expertise. Live Express allows partners to leverage the Microsoft Teams market growth and makes it easier than ever to deliver the Microsoft Teams Phone to end customers.

Partners can rely on AudioCodes to bring them SaaS solutions that will not only support their business offerings but make their customer’s journey to Microsoft Teams Phone as simple as possible.

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AudioCodes Live Express
Leverage Microsoft Teams’ growth and expand your market reach with
a simple SaaS Solution

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Get Your Customers on the Express Way to Microsoft Teams Voice

With AudioCodes Live Express, you can simplify your customer onboarding process and offer your customers connectivity to Microsoft Teams Phone. This solution is a hassle-free opportunity for our partners to grow with Microsoft Teams while optimizing time-to-market with immediate delivery.

Key features include:

  • Multi-tenant portal for customer onboarding, which allows partners to streamline and accelerate new customer onboarding.
  • End customer management portal simplifies user management by the customer.
  • PSTN connectivity via Direct Routing, creating a fully-fledged business phone system (PBX).
  • We strive to make practical solutions for our partners to help them grow their businesses confidently.

AudioCodes Live Express helps partners achieve their own Microsoft Teams success with a powerful solution that guides them from start to finish.

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