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We’re Off to See the (SBC) Wizard - Try the magic wand that makes SBC configuration easy


In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her companions found themselves trapped in a strange and unfamiliar land where nothing was as it seemed and everything was vastly more complicated than it needed to be. They embarked on a long search for everyday things that most of us usually take for granted, before finding out at the end of the movie that they had them all along but just didn’t know it.

SBC configuration is complex and time-consuming

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of installing SBCs for your customers, you’ll know that each deployment is different and that each SBC has thousands of possible parameters that need to be configured. The complexity of configuring these SBCs not only takes up a huge chunk of time – you also need well-trained (and therefore highly paid) people to do it.

What if there was another way of configuring SBCs that could cut through all the complexity? A splash of color in the middle of the monochrome monotony of network configuration. Well, now there is.

A simple solution to end complex configuration processes

At AudioCodes, our “Oz moment” was realizing that 80% of all SBC installations only use about 20% of the possible configuration parameters. We also understood that any differences between two installations containing the same PBX and SIP trunk service types tended to be very minor indeed. These two factors showed us where to look for an effective solution.

The AudioCodes Mediant SBC Configuration Wizard was designed with one thing in mind – to make the whole SBC configuration process quick and easy.

As you’d expect, using the SBC Configuration Wizard is simplicity itself. You start by selecting the required IP-PBX model and SIP trunk service. After that, the Wizard walks you through a handful of straightforward and intuitive configuration screens.

Our templates make everything easy

The SBC Configuration Wizard works with a set of interoperability templates for different IP-PBX models and SIP trunk services. The AudioCodes template database currently contains over 35 IP-PBX models and over 95 SIP trunk services. Brand new and updated templates are routinely created by us and are then stored in the AudioCodes cloud. Whenever you open the Wizard, these templates are automatically available for you to use right away.

Once you’ve finished filling in the Wizard screens, you’ll see a summary of all the configuration details. If you’re happy with everything you’ve done so far, you can go ahead and create a configuration file. You can then send this file directly to the SBC, or you can save it for later if you haven’t yet installed the SBC on site. And that’s it.

Ready to go in less than five minutes

In many cases, the SBC will be fully operational at this point. In other cases, although you will be able to route calls through the SBC, you might also need to configure a few additional parameters on the device’s web GUI.

The AudioCodes SBC Configuration Wizard is available on the SBC Web GUI and as a standalone Windows application. The SBC Web GUI is ideal for on-site configuration, whereas the Windows application can be used to configure an SBC ahead of time before its actual installation.

The SBC Configuration Wizard has been used by our customers on thousands of installations, and is a tried and tested way of significantly reducing the length of time it takes to configure AudioCodes Mediant Session Border Controllers (SBCs). You can usually expect to have the first calls going through the SBC in less than five minutes.

In addition, the SBC Configuration Wizard can be used to configure AudioCodes media gateways and Multi-Service Business Routers (MSBRs).

Cast a spell over your SBCs

If you’re deploying AudioCodes Mediant Session Border Controllers (SBCs) in a customer’s network, you owe it to yourself to make configuration simple. Try the AudioCodes SBC Configuration Wizard now and pull back the curtain of complexity. You’ll be glad you did.

Put the Wizard’s magic in your hands today
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