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Live Platform: The Fast Track for Service Providers to Deliver Operator Connect

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Live Cloud: The Fast Track for Service Providers to Deliver Operator Connect

Microsoft Teams has become the center of the digital workplace and its success keeps growing as more users around the world sign up to the platform. Recently surpassing 270 million monthly active users, Microsoft’s Nicole Herskowitz announced that over 50 percent of organizations have standardized on Teams, with an expected 50 percent increase in the next three years.

Amongst the many Microsoft Teams achievements is Teams Phone, with over 80 million monthly active users and one billion calls per month. Nicole Herskowitz expanded her statement to highlight their success and mentioned that over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Teams.

Embracing the Potential of Microsoft Teams

The potential that Microsoft Teams offers is massive, but it doesn’t come without its challenges when trying to connect to the PSTN. To simplify the integration and connectivity of Microsoft Teams to the PSTN, Microsoft announced Operator Connect, a new capability that makes Teams calls and mobile phone connections more seamless. Operator Connect is a simple and straightforward automated process that simplifies the efforts and complexity associated with PSTN connectivity.

Service providers should embrace the opportunities afforded by Operator Connect, as it will help them tap into a growing market and scale their business in the coming years. Microsoft believes in Operator Connect’s potential and growth, while also understanding the investment and requirements needed for service providers to develop Operator Connect.

For this reason, Microsoft was motivated to develop a partner program, known today as Microsoft Operator Connect Accelerator. This program simplifies and automates the development and integration process for service providers without the hassle of meeting Operator Connect prerequisites.

Introducing AudioCodes Live Platform

AudioCodes Live Platform is an approved Microsoft Operator Connect Accelerator platform that provides service providers with an optimal SaaS solution for onboarding customers and delivering a managed multi-tenant Microsoft Teams voice service.

This white-label solution facilitates Microsoft Teams connectivity directly from Azure and provides the opportunity to deliver and resell Microsoft Operator Connect as well as Direct Routing services. Service providers can rapidly onboard and manage business customers of any size on a straightforward and transparent per user per month subscription basis.

Here’s just a taste of what service providers can expect when using Live Platform:

  • Automated processes for easy tenant onboarding and accelerated Microsoft Teams deployments.
  • A multi-tenant management portal for service providers and their channels.
  • A user management portal for setting user profiles and corporate calling policies.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools for real-time insights into the customer’s operation, resulting in improved service and higher availability.

Application Note
AudioCodes Live Platform
The SaaS route to Microsoft Operator Connect

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Stay on Top of Microsoft Teams Market Trends

AudioCodes Live Platform helps service providers stay relevant in today’s fast-moving market while providing them with an excellent way to expand their business offerings. It eliminates the high level of technical expertise and the need to invest in a list of expensive development requirements that can often accompany API integration to Microsoft services and connectivity to the PSTN.

Live Platform makes offering Microsoft Teams voice easier than ever. It quickly and seamlessly enables Operator Connect on a subscription-based service and empowers service providers to tap into new customer segments, grow their businesses and build strong customer relations.

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