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How to Make Emergency Calls Quickly with Microsoft Teams Phones

How to Make Emergency Calls Quickly with Microsoft Teams Phones

After two years of working mainly from home, I’m finally back to meeting business partners and potential customers face-to-face. In my book, there’s no better way of hearing vital industry feedback direct from the field.

Today, I’d like to share one piece of real-world feedback that comes up regularly in these meetings, in the form of a very important question. That question is: How can you make emergency calls through speed dialing on Microsoft Teams phones?

Help Me If You Can!

Because native Microsoft Teams phones have the same user interface as the Microsoft Teams client, emergency numbers cannot be assigned to speed dials on the device’s home screen.

This is far from ideal, and it could cost you valuable time in an emergency situation. After all, you really want to be able to get through to your organization’s security staff or first aid team as quickly as possible, without fumbling around in your list of contacts for the right number. This also holds true for numbers you use frequently or need to access fast within the organization, not just emergency ones.

To make life safer (and easier!), we at AudioCodes have devised a neat way to solve this problem.

Thinking Completely Outside of the Box

In the AudioCodes range of business phones that can work in the Microsoft Teams environment, we’ve included devices with programmable buttons. All you need to do is program your organization’s emergency numbers directly into the buttons in the expansion module or the sidecar. Once you’ve done that, help can be summoned when necessary, quite literally at the touch of a button

One such device is the AudioCodes C455HD with expansion module, which is a brand new native Microsoft Teams business phone specially designed for today’s busy manager or executive. It’s jam-packed with the latest technology for delivering a seamless Microsoft Teams experience every time​, and its large and intuitive 5” color touch screen makes it exceptionally easy to use.

Another option is the AudioCodes 445HD, which is one of our Microsoft Teams compatible 3PIP devices. This is an advanced high-end business phone with a 4.3" color screen and an integrated, dedicated LCD sidecar displaying contacts and their presence. Although Microsoft will be terminating 3PIP within a few years, the 445HD will continue to be supported with the upcoming SIP Gateway solution from Microsoft. No need to throw your devices away!

So there you have it – two easy ways to enable one-touch emergency calling with AudioCodes business phones, helping you to keep everyone in your organization safe.

We’re Also Here for the Good Things

But hopefully, emergencies don’t happen too often. The vast majority of the time, you’re quite rightly focused on getting business done and staying ahead of your competition.

To help you do precisely that, we’ve got a whole portfolio of business phones and devices for every persona type in your organization. Check out our recently updated Device Selection Guide for the full story.

Once you’ve read it, you’ll know our range almost as well as we do.

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