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How to Build a Chatbot and Convert It Into a Voicebot Quickly and Easily

How to Build a Chatbot and Convert It Into a Voicebot Quickly and Easily

‘The customer is king’ is an age-old mantra that should resonate deeply with any business that wants to win big in our hyper-competitive economy. In fact, I would probably add that the customer is always king. It should go without saying that delivering a superior customer experience isn’t just a nice optional extra, but is actually the lifeblood of a successful enterprise.

Today, with more and more customer interactions and transactions taking place on the telephone, businesses are increasingly being forced to take two seemingly contradictory demands into account in order to stay ahead of the pack. These are to offer exceptional standards of customer service at all times while keeping their costs down as much as possible.

But how can these apparently conflicting goals best be reconciled?

Now They’re Talking

Many businesses have found at least a partial answer to this question by deploying chatbots to interact with their customers. However, savvy executives who quite rightly place a high premium on customer satisfaction understand that much of the population prefers to communicate by voice. As a result, forward-thinking organizations are rapidly waking up to the incredible possibilities offered by going one step further and deploying their own voicebots.

If going down the voicebot route is something that appeals to you, there are a few ways to do it. One great way, that doesn’t require any specialist knowledge, is to create your own chatbot with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and then convert it into a voicebot with AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect. Once you’re done, this voicebot can then be seamlessly integrated into your existing customer engagement platform.

To get the whole story, I recommend that you take a look at a blog post on this very topic that we published a few weeks ago.

See It in Action for Yourself

AudioCodes recently organized a very well attended joint webinar with Microsoft, where experts from both companies shared their top tips on how to get your chatbots talking, all without requiring any prior bot building experience on your part.

During the webinar, we demonstrated exactly how to build a voicebot in this way. If you missed it, no worries! Check out our recording to see the entire process from start to finish. It’s that easy.

So if customer satisfaction is important to you – and let’s face it, it certainly should be in this day and age – why not get started on your voicebot journey right away with Microsoft PVA and AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect?

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