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How to Boost Meeting Productivity in the Hybrid Workplace

How to Boost Meeting Productivity in the Hybrid Workplace

In our dynamic global economy, meetings play a vital role in maintaining productivity. After all, meetings are where information is shared and business-changing decisions are made. This is particularly true with the rise of the hybrid workplace, where geographically dispersed teams mean that the development of an effective meeting culture assumes even greater importance.

But do your meetings truly deliver on their goals? And if not, how can you make sure that they do?

Unified Communications Is a Great Place to Start….

Unified communications solutions like Microsoft Teams have made a huge contribution to productivity in the hybrid workplace, enabling employees to join meetings from pretty much any location via video or audio and easily share content with colleagues. As a result, IT teams have tended to focus on enhancing the virtual meeting experience with dedicated meeting room and home devices, such as cameras, speakers and microphones.

This is logical to a certain degree, but smart organizations keeping an eye on productivity are starting to ask if such a hardware-based approach does enough to guarantee the effectiveness of their meetings.

The answer, unfortunately, is not really.

….But You Can Do a Whole Lot More!

In truth, probably no more than a few online meetings actually deliver genuinely meaningful outcomes. Recognizing this state of affairs, savvy IT managers are keen to find ways to maximize the time spent in meetings to harness a much higher level of productivity. They ask smart questions, like:

  • How can meeting action items be easily shared with all attendees after the event?
  • If a remote participant has technical issues, how can they see the content, actions and key discussion points that they missed?
  • How can remote participants joining on a mobile device enjoy a meeting experience equally as good as everyone else’s?
  • How can participants review highlights or decisions that require action on their part?
  • How can the entire meeting be shared with colleagues who couldn’t make it?

All great questions – and luckily, for forward-thinking organizations everywhere, AudioCodes Meetings Insights most certainly has the answers.

Application Note
Meeting Insights
Making Meetings Effective in the Hybrid Workplace

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Meeting Insights is a complete meeting solution, certified by Microsoft, that restores maximum productivity to meetings and conference calls, whether online or in-person. Based on AudioCodes’ field-proven voice expertise and powerful Voice.AI technology, Meeting Insights works its magic unobtrusively in the background to effortlessly record any meeting, presentation, webinar or training session.

How to Boost Meeting Productivity in the Hybrid Workplace

During meetings, Mia, a unique in-meeting voice assistant, helps organizers create a comprehensive meeting review using the cutting-edge Meeting Recap feature. This constitutes a detailed summary of the meeting, including decisions reached and action items assigned, plus any other information that might be relevant.

When the meeting has finished, this recap is automatically shared with every invitee, regardless of whether they actually attended, together with a full meeting recording. After reviewing the recording – at a speeded up rate if time is of the essence – an invitee can go right to the exact moment where a specific attendee spoke, a decision was made, an action item was allocated or a personal note was left. And if a point was raised in the meeting that requires action from team members who weren’t invited, the recap can easily be shared with them as well.


Reach New Productivity Heights

Meeting Insights is your secret key to restoring meetings to their rightful purpose, unleashing real business-boosting productivity by capturing and retaining critical information, all thanks to that most precious organizational asset of all – your people.

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