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Empowering the Hybrid Office with AudioCodes Live for Zoom Phone

Empowering the Hybrid Office with AudioCodes Live for Zoom Phone

If you’re like me, you appreciate convenient solutions created to simplify pain points. I recently met with a customer who explained the quick success his organization experienced while also touching on the challenges he faces running a business in today’s work era. His employees work on a hybrid schedule, which means he is responsible for finding a means to support their business communications from both home and office locations.

This customer mentioned that he recently migrated to Zoom Phone because of its feature-rich and advanced telephony experience with a “have your back” reputation. He asked me if it’s possible to integrate his existing PBX with his Zoom Phone solution. He didn't want to lose out on his existing calling plans and phone numbers and was surprised to learn that he most definitely can by using Zoom’s Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) capabilities. Luckily, because of my line of work, I was able to direct him to an AudioCodes solution that’s been tailored to integrate BYOC to Zoom Phone quickly and seamlessly.

In a Nutshell

AudioCodes Live for Zoom Phone is a solution that offers the business connectivity required in today’s modern workplace. Live for Zoom powers and accelerates the adoption and usage of Zoom Phone, as well as state-of-the-art capabilities to enhance overall efficiency.

Offered on a per user per month basis, AudioCodes Live for Zoom Phone is a simple and cost-effective solution providing organizations seamless communication and collaboration for their workforce. With Live for Zoom Phone, customers can keep their existing PBX while connecting to and enjoying the Zoom Phone platform. AudioCodes BYOC, based on AudioCodes’ leading family of SBCs, enables customers to make calls using Zoom Phone while maintaining their existing calling plan and business phone numbers.


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AudioCodes Live for Zoom Phone
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Moving with Purpose

AudioCodes has a portfolio of user devices certified for Zoom Phone, such as desktop phones and meeting room devices that help support businesses in their work schedules. In addition, AudioCodes solutions give organizations the opportunity to save money while finding different ways to connect their existing devices without having to invest in new ones. A great example is businesses that still use fax machines. AudioCodes analog media gateways are available to connect and integrate fax machines and legacy phones, allowing all business devices to work with Zoom Phone.

A Continuous Chain of Experience

Thankfully, my telephony expertise helped our customer to migrate to Zoom Phone and keep his preferred carrier and phone numbers with minimal efforts on his end. His decision to use AudioCodes Live for Zoom Phone was the right move, bar none, and has provided his organization an optimal business communication experience. It’s no surprise that AudioCodes is continuously selected as the preferred choice for end-to-end voice solutions.

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