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Communi5 Find the Perfect Virtualized SBC

Communi5 Find the Perfect Virtualized SBC

At AudioCodes, we’re confident that our advanced communications software, products and productivity solutions offer the very best quality and value in today’s ultra-competitive market. But sometimes, it’s best to let our products themselves do the talking. In this post, we’ll introduce you to Vienna-based Communi5 and show you how our innovative technology helped solve their real-life business challenges.

The Customer

Vienna-based Communi5 Technologies GmbH are leading providers of voice application server products. Their unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform enables service providers to offer hosted PBX and unified communications services to business and residential customers.

The Challenge

To ensure seamless and secure connectivity to their popular UCaaS platform, Communi5 needed to find a suitable access session border controller (SBC) to offer to their service provider customers as part of their overall solution.

The ideal SBC for this purpose had to meet several key requirements, including:

  • Seamless connectivity with Communi5’s hosted UC service
  • To be virtualized to fit in with Communi5’s datacenter infrastructure
  • Able to interoperate with a diverse range of customer on-premises platforms
  • Highly secure and with excellent voice quality

The Solution

Although Communi5 had already successfully integrated several AudioCodes products into its offerings, any SBC solution still needed to be put through its paces to ensure that it met all requirements.

After passing exceptionally stringent testing with flying colors, Communi5 selected AudioCodes’ virtualized, software-only Mediant Virtual Edition (VE) SBC to be deployed as an access SBC with their UCaaS solution.

As a software-only solution, the Mediant VE SBC fits perfectly into Communi5’s existing datacenter infrastructure. It has broad interoperability and robust security features and is also highly scalable. In addition, it also supports encryption of voice streams without having to splash out on additional licenses or hardware.

The Mediant VE SBC is deployed in a high availability configuration at Communi5’s service provider customers, where it has no trouble meeting the strict reliability requirements demanded by today’s telecoms operators.

The Results

Communi5 now supply the AudioCodes Mediant VE SBC to service providers who are keen to offer reliable and secure voice connectivity based on a virtualized software infrastructure.

NeoTel Telefonservice GmbH & Co KG, a service provider supplying hosted telephony services to enterprise and residential customers in Austria, are among the Communi5 customers who have already successfully deployed the UCaaS platform with an AudioCodes Mediant VE SBC.

“The AudioCodes Mediant VE SBC met all of our requirements for a secure, scalable and flexible connectivity solution.”

Thomas Haydn, Managing Director, Communi5

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