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Altron Keep Their WFH Agents Seamlessly Connected

At AudioCodes, we believe that our advanced communications software, products and productivity solutions represent incredible quality and value. We also believe that sometimes it’s best just to let the solutions themselves do the talking. In this post, we’ll take you inside South Africa-based Altron Systems Integration and show you how our innovative technology helped solve their real-life business challenges.

The Customer

Based in South Africa, Altron Systems Integration is a specialist provider using world-class technology and leading practices to design, implement and support sustainable ICT-based business solutions.

The Challenge

When COVID-19 appeared at the beginning of 2020, Altron had to switch their contact center operations to a work-from-home model. Because many of their 180 agents lacked a broadband connection in their homes, Altron gave each of them a laptop running Genesys agent software and a 3G/4G modem to enable internet connectivity over local cellular networks.

However, Altron found that too many calls were dropping or were of poor voice quality because the extra bandwidth consumed by the voice calls was overloading the cellular data infrastructure. They clearly needed a better way of doing things.

The Solution

When Altron’s IT team contacted us, we recommended an innovative solution based on WebRTC technology. WebRTC enables direct peer-to-peer audio and video communication from web browsers and mobile applications, eliminating the need to install plugins or download native apps, and using the Opus audio codec to deliver high voice quality at all times.

The AudioCodes’ WebRTC solution chosen by Altron is made up of three elements:

  • WebRTC gateway mediating between WebRTC streams and external SIP-based systems
  • WebRTC client running in any standard web browser
  • Mediant Virtual Edition (VE) session border controller (SBC)

The Results

Altron deployed AudioCodes’ WebRTC solution using the Mediant VE virtualized SBC with its embedded WebRTC gateway. AudioCodes’ integration with Genesys and the software-only nature of the solution meant that everything was ready to go very quickly.

Right away, agents and customers saw massive improvements in call reliability and quality, with the dropped calls disappearing practically overnight.

“Thanks to AudioCodes' WebRTC solution, our agents have been able to continue working safely from home delivering the high levels of service our customers expect.”

- Gary Room, Business Unit Manager, Altron Systems Integration

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