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5 Ways That AudioCodes Session Border Controllers (SBCs) Go the Extra Mile


As you know, session border controllers (SBCs) are a key part of any VoIP network. Deployed at the border between the enterprise and the service provider, SBCs are responsible for seamless connectivity, enhanced security, quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

The AudioCodes Mediant family of Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are versatile IP communications platforms designed specifically for today’s enterprises. Built on expertise acquired through years of carrier grade VoIP deployments, they bring you cutting-edge technology that you can trust. Our SBCs include extras like advanced routing capabilities, enhanced security, WebRTC, integrated reverse HTTP proxies and more. On top of that, our virtualized SBCs provide support for Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), KVM and VMware.

And now, with the fast growth of intelligent communications, SBCs are rapidly developing and taking on more and more network functions — leading to simplified network architecture and lower costs. Let’s take a look at just five of the ways that AudioCodes SBCs are leading the field.


Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams.

SBCs offer direct SIP connectivity between existing enterprise voice infrastructure, the PSTN and SIP trunking services. AudioCodes SBCs go beyond that, giving you full Skype for Business integration and Direct Routing capabilities for Microsoft Teams. Direct Routing enables you to easily connect your existing SIP trunk to Microsoft Teams. And, even better, you can get this functionality with a simple download from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


Stretching the cloud – and then some.

These days, it’s commonplace to see SBCs offered as virtual appliances deployed in the cloud. However, when you’re starting a new business or breaking into new markets, how can you determine with certainty how much network capacity you’ll need? The cloud-based AudioCodes Mediant Cloud Edition (CE) SBC helps you to take the guesswork out of the picture. The Mediant CE uses a highly elastic cloud-based micro-services architecture to deliver the same functionality as hardware-based SBCs. No matter the level of demand, it can easily handle up to 50,000 media sessions by dynamically scaling to match your traffic requirements.


Hassle-free configuration with our wizard.

Deploying your SBC should be a stress-free experience. The AudioCodes Mediant SBC Configuration Wizard is a user-friendly online tool that was designed with one thing in mind — to make the whole SBC configuration process quick and easy. Using the wizard is simplicity itself. Just select one of over 30 IP-PBX models and one of over 70 service provider SIP trunk services, breeze through a handful of straightforward and intuitive configuration screens, and then you’re ready to go — usually within about five minutes.


WebRTC functionality to get your customers clicking.

Customers should be able to reach your business using their preferred method — as should your workforce. More and more enterprises are using WebRTC to embed click-to-call buttons on their websites and to enable mobile web communications. To connect these calls, an external WebRTC gateway is typically required. AudioCodes SBCs contain a WebRTC gateway that delivers all the security capabilities of an SBC as well as the interworking capabilities of a standalone WebRTC gateway. Integrated OPUS codec support completes the picture, creating a comprehensive solution for deploying browser or mobile-based communications.


Lower costs and improved voice quality.

Intelligent communications require expanded bandwidth and high quality of service, but enterprise MPLS can be expensive and isn’t available everywhere. SD-WAN is one solution, but this is geared more towards data applications than voice. The SBC, with its DSP and deep packet inspection capabilities, is an ideal vehicle for enhancing voice quality and reducing bandwidth. AudioCodes’ VoIPerfect SBC technology can cut 60% of MPLS voice bandwidth without impacting voice quality. Even better, it only requires a single WAN link.



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