Small Businesses - Big Opportunity

SMALL businesses, BIG opportunity

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Small Businesses - Big OpportunityI recently read an article about the importance of small medium businesses (SMBs) and their benefits to countries’ local economies, and wondered how this is reflected in local communication services deployed in those countries.

There is no doubt that VoIP technologies have changed the communications world and the way that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) do business. Still, looking at the SMB segment (I refer here to companies with more than 4 and less than 250 employees), it seems that out of a total of 75 million worldwide SMBs, only 12 million are connected to VoIP services and the rest are still using legacy TDM lines.  Clearly, there is huge opportunity here for CSPs as well as for VoIP equipment providers.

According to an internal analysis we conducted in AudioCodes, based on market research reports we expect that by 2017 the number of SMBs connected to VoIP services will more than double to 25 million with an average annual growth of more than 3 million every year!!!

Worldwide SMBs connected to VoIP Services

In the past, the needs of SMBs were quite modest in comparison to those of the enterprise. But this is changing – and fast. The communications needs of SMBs have grown far beyond a managed PBX and an Internet connection. The increasing awareness of the need for data and cloud services, together with the availability of affordable platforms, encourages SMBs to acquire advanced communication services that will help their businesses grow.

Win the SMB market with QoE Ingredients

When facing SMB customers, CSPs need to take into consideration that these SMB customers are limited in their budgets and do not have the technical resources as do enterprises. At the same time, CSPs understand that in order to succeed in the SMB space, they must offer a compelling service bundle for the right price, and probably, the most important factor will be QoE.

We need to remember that even if in most cases the SMBs let the CSPs manage their communication services, they are fully aware of the importance of these services and the critical impact they can have on their business.  Accordingly, they carefully evaluate these services when interacting with CSPs. SMBs expect their businesses to be always available, with no less than excellent voice quality and fast Internet service. They expect a productive environment for their employees with suitable and accessible data tools and they are very concerned about security. And, of course, the solution must be affordable.

Business Communications Needs

Faced with this significant opportunity, CSPs are challenged to provide SMB customers with the expected QoE starting with the on-premise business routers. Using the right business routers with features such as business continuity and consistent performance, will allow CSPs to deploy data and voice services with high QoE that will help them to capitalize on these opportunities.

More information can be found in the “Big Solutions for Small Business” white paper and at AudioCodes Multi-Service Business Routers Page (


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