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Mobilize Your Users or Stay Behind

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With very few players providing mobile communication services before the smartphone era, it felt like heaven for some major mobile service providers. But then mobile OTT apps kicked in! And ruined the party.

Oh, the Good Old Days

What was it like to be the CEO of a mobile carrier back in the days? Having a huge user dependency on cellular infrastructure and running in a playground where the smartphone is yet to be on-shelf, data revenues were booming and profits seemed well assured.

But in today’s mobile reality, OTT mobile apps are posing a huge threat for all service providers and carriers alike. Data revenues are continuously dropping. Being a CEO of a mobile service provider today means you’re in a war that you’re probably not too familiar with; Not a war between giants, but between viral mobile startups who are able to take the market within a year, to slow-moving, monopoly-DNA’ed creatures who now realize the urgent need for a decent battle.

Alongside mobile carriers who are struggling to cope with the booming OTT mobile market, the enterprise sector stays stuck in the middle. IT departments have to be impossibly flexible when they need to provide an organizational infrastructure that’s as easy as WhatsApp but well secured and comprehensively managed like Microsoft Lync.

VocaNOM People

No sweat, No Sweets

Building a solid mobile application arsenal for the OTT battle is not only fruitful, but also crucial for a service provider to stay in the game. AudioCodes is constantly aiming to enable mobile carriers and enterprises to cope with the modern OTT challenge in telecom. MobilityPLUS, an OTT mobile application for service providers and carriers, makes a classic 1-stop solution with its all round voice, messaging, video and social features. For a mobile carrier, the ability to distribute HQ mobile VoIP user-clients to its subscribers, freely branded and thoroughly integrated makes it an ultimate weapon for its OTT war. Roaming, a well-known incentive for users to go OTT, can finally be untangled and brought back to the service provider playground not just for data but for native voice communication as well at competitive costs and top-tier service quality.

A Foot on the Gas for the Enterprise

VocaNOM, a cloud-driven voice communication app for businesses and organizations, is a good example of how the enterprise market can also start making its way forward in the mobile app plot. Organizational and business contacts are always a mess to handle when you have an organizational phone directory that has zero-connectivity with a user’s smartphone.  For an enterprise, being able to manage all organizational contacts on the cloud, providing easy access and dialling for its users using voice recognition, is simply great if it wishes to stay up-to-speed and serve its organizational users with top-notch communication tools.

AudioCodes at SMW C2014

Time to Take Mobile Communication Forward

These are only few examples of how holding off the OTT turbulence is more than possible for service providers and enterprise, given the right tools and applications. At CTIA 2014 Super Mobility Week, we will be meeting up with service providers and enterprises to talk about what AudioCodes can do for them to mobilize organizational and commercial users all at once. I feel like whether you’re a service provider or an enterprise IT manager, there’s a lot we can do for you to empower your user-base.

See you in Vegas!

To schedule a meeting with AudioCodes at CTIA 2014 Super Mobility Week, visit:


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  1. josh franklin says:

    Great article. Mobility is important and its also important that Audiocodes moves faster in the OTT app space to keep carriers and SPs battle ready in its fight to stay current in an OTT world.
    Keep up the mobility offensive.

    • Gidi Adlersberg says:

      Thanks Josh! When I look at SPs and organizations these days I’m amazed by how much can be done for them to battle WhatsApp and its associates. I wonder if they realise they can actually WIN this fight.

  2. josh says:

    Here lies the problem with Audiocodes. You write a great article on mobility, but the company itself ignores mobility and acts like mobility isn’t part of VoIP’s future when in fact we all know its all about mobility. Can you please help me understand where you believe AUDC will play a key role? Thanks.

    • Gidi Adlersberg says:

      Hey Josh,

      Please allow me to relate to your concerns as pure (and understandable) eagerness to see Audiocodes performing strongly in the mobility field. Knowing us for a while now, I’m sure you’re aware of our commitment to deliver nothing but the highest quality of products and services, and mobility makes no difference in that sense.

      As VocaNOM is now picking up strongly at our local market with some very big names amongst our current organizational portfolio, be sure to expect an expansion as we move forward perfecting our speech recognition technology and end-user experience.

      • josh says:


        True that! I’m excited about Vocanom and I believe the technology and application is going to make AUDC a very big success in late 2015-2016. Thank you for your quick reply. Go AUDC!


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