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How Amazon AWS Scaled Up Our Business

For several years we have been in the process of enhancing our products to allow them to live in the cloud, a good example of this is the virtual SBC. In this context we have taken VocaNOM one step further and changed it from being a product to a cloud service running on Amazon AWS.

The Amazon team was pretty excited about this and conducted an interview with our VocaNOM Product Manager Yacov Tzadikov. More about the magic of VocaNOM below the clip.

VocaNOM in a nutshell

We all know what personal assistants are, Siri being one good example. Less common are personal assistants at the enterprise level. As an employee in an enterprise, not all of the enterprise information is stored on your mobile device and synced.

VocaNOM comes to solve a few fundamental issues:

  • How do I find contact details of a colleague who is not in my contacts?
  • How do I call this contact easily without starting to search my contacts when not really free to do so? (e.g. while driving)
  • How do I make sure my enterprise contacts are always in sync?

The scenario using VocaNOM is as follows:

  • You press a quick dial on your mobile or desk phone
  • You state the name of the person you are looking for and on which device to call him/her
  • The call is connected

This is as close to hands free/hassle free as it can get (that is until we have brain-controlled systems where you only need to think about the person you want to call).

No long search in the corporate directory or phone contact list and no driving while typing the name of a person (which is dangerous and rightfully illegal in many countries).

The idea behind VocaNOM is simple but can be realized only when you have a technological and product heritage as available at AudioCodes. The ingredients required to achieve this included:

  • Great and accurate speech recognition technology fully controlled by the company so we can modify and adapt the technology to run in any environment
  • An SBC that connects to any existing PBX and UC environment

All this was combined into a product that was installed on premise at enterprises. But we wanted more… We wanted to make the on-boarding of new customers as simple as possible. We wanted to make their buying decision risk free. We wanted to let people try it out instantly. The answer to this was to move VocaNOM to the cloud and offer it as a service.

Moving to Amazon AWS

The new architecture of VocaNOM as a service in the cloud can be viewed in the diagram below.

VocaNOM in Amazon AWS Cloud

In the Amazon cloud we have all the components required to run the VocaNOM service. These include the IVR and the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) SW as well as the web management interface. The VocaNOM system synchronizes with the company directory and stores contact information on Amazon RDS (data base).

Additionally, the AudioCodes cloud SBC takes care of passing the speech from the user to the ASR system for recognition and later to send the SIP instruction for connecting the call between the two users.

Since enterprise PBX environments vary including VoIP and TDM systems and since there is a need for a secured communication between the enterprise and the cloud in order to avoid fraud, there is a small enterprise SBC that the enterprise’s IT installs within minutes in order to make this VocaNOM magic work securely and in any environment.

Since this service is sold today both directly to enterprises and through service providers to their business customers, VocaNOM comes with a 3 level multi-tenancy management system to allow service providers to easily manage their customers.

By making VocaNOM a service in the cloud, we managed to significantly shorten the on-boarding process, making it a simple, risk free IT decision to try out the product. Since VocaNOM is addictive, making this service easily accessible created great momentum in the growth of this business and the number of customers using the product.

Although VocaNOM is great to use as it is today, the development team has a few cool rabbits in their hat soon to be pulled out, which will add more fun features to the service.

All this probably sounds great but you don’t need to believe me, try VocaNOM for free today and experience it yourself.

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  1. Josh Franklin says:

    Great post as always. I’m so excited about Vocanom, but I don’t understand why its taking so long to be rolled out. This product will allow Audiocodes to land much larger IP phone deals with Vocanom embedded in them(value added). Vocanom seems like it can be Siri to the enterprise in the future. Much more functional than just numbers or names from a contact list.
    How exciting is this product to Audiocodes and can this be the game changer the company has been in search of for years? Any opinion or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Amir Zmora says:

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for this comment.
      We are very excited about VocaNOM and the great experience it brings. Providing this service from the cloud increases our reach and reduced barriers to enter new deployments.


  2. josh says:


    There’s talk out of MSFT that Skype will be able to translate languages in the near future. How are you or Vocanom preparing to support MSFT in this epic evolution of voice recognition/translation?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • Amir Zmora says:

      Hi Josh,

      AudioCodes is working closely with Microsoft as a partner in the Lync ecosystem however VocaNOM is generic and not tightly coupled with Lync. The technology VocaNOM uses allows it to identify the name of a contact from the company directory or other sources in order to initiate a call to that contact while the Microsoft demo is for in-call translation and requires a different speech recognition technology.

      • josh says:

        Thanks for taking the time out for me and my following. I’m pumped for what Vocanom represents towards AUDC business model. It doesn’t take millions of subs to move the needle but you can see how this version and future “rabbits in hat” versions will allow you have a Siri for the enterprise – now that’s stock price moving stuff.

        • Amir Zmora says:

          Hi Josh,

          We are also very excited about VocaNOM. Naturally we are working on new capabilities. More on that when they become available.


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