Can I bring my iPhone to work today

Hey boss! Can I bring my iPhone to work today?

As smartphone usage is getting more intense and our device becomes essentially a body part, it’s no wonder why ‘Bring Your Own Device’ has become a living nightmare for the enterprise.

Remember that time when your workplace was the first to deploy innovative technology? Computers, monitors, office phones, voicemails, car phones, you name it – all of these were initially adopted by enterprises wishing to make their employee’s work more productive. New technology was taken as a professional perk, and employees were happily adopting it to their own benefit as well as that of the company.

C-level managers loved it… Why? Well, not only because they could easily hand-out new technology to employees who adored them in return, but mainly since they had full control over their employees’ communication. Your boss could make sure you weren’t saving confidential material where you really shouldn’t; Your IT manager could keep track of how many calls you were having with your wife. But then came the iPhone.

Can I bring my iPhone to work today

When work gets tough, the tough get to work

We live in a world where sending a WhatsApp message to a potential customer or investor can be better than an email. We have our colleagues’ numbers and emails stored on our smartphones. And gods forbid, some of us even have Dropbox access to our office files and folders. New technology now arrives at the consumer’s front door way before a workplace even thinks about taking it seriously. People want to use their devices to their full extent, even more so while working. The result? Absolute chaos.

The secret war between you and your boss

Striving to keep up with the extraordinary pace of new devices and services, companies are becoming quite desperate. In some cases, a workplace is intelligent enough to respect the need for mobile access and provide mobile VPN access, or transfer corporate emails to the cloud. But at the same time, IT departments are forced to obsessively block websites and online services throughout the organization, just to keep everyone focused at work. There is a battle going on between you and your workplace, and we already know the winner…

Deloitte tmt predictions

Source: Deloitte TMT Predictions 2015 @ Deloitte Canada, SlideShare

Enterprise mobile apps make peace

What if I told you about a mobile app that allows you to call your co-workers without even having their numbers stored on your phone? And what if I told your C-level management they could still have analytics of corporate phone calls, even when their employees are making phone calls from their smartphone, like they want to?

VocaNOM powered by AudioCodes is a brand new speech driven mobile app for the enterprise. It allows employees to call coworkers by simply saying their name. Corporate contacts are securely stored on the cloud for easy access, and call analytics are automatically generated. Your employee’s Siri just got a whole lot better. Bring your own device? Our pleasure! 


AudioCodes will be showcasing the VocaNOM mobile app at the Mobile World Congress, 2015 in Barcelona.

To schedule a short meeting, visit our website or feel free to drop me a line!

4 replies
  1. josh says:


    First of all, i’m a big fan of Vocanom. The question remains: Will Vocanom be a niche product or a killer app? Being an accurate Siri tailored made for the enterprise could go well beyond the directory, I guess the question that follows is: how long before we see additional features?

    How sticky did the product become to the customers in your trials?

    Great article. Any feedback would be appreciated.


    See you in Barcelona.

    • Gidi Adlersberg says:

      Hi Josh,

      We’re definitely aiming at a strong position in the enterprise app market. Be sure that our future feature list is filled with great goodies for mobile enterprise connectivity. But before we jump ahead to new features, we’re working hard on providing a top-notch user experience and design for the app.

      We will soon begin rolling out the app with its redesigned UX to users overseas and I’m sure you’ll be appreciating the impact of our hard work.

      It’ll be great to meet at BCN and show you ‘the real thing’. Cheers and thanks for being a loyal VocaNOM fan 🙂

  2. Josh says:

    Puzzled on no news from Vocanom at 3GSM. I just want to know what separates Vocanom from Siri? Everyone that hears of Vocanom compares it to Siri which is free.
    Also, to me, vocanom sounds like an ecosystem to me as it can or will have added features. I have my own ideas here but anything you can add will go a long way in getting investors to understand how important vocanom can be.
    Google entering the wireless space is sure to bring SPs to get as much support in the OTT world. In fact, it’s amazing they’re not banging down your door!
    I know you’re busy but any effort to shine light on this exciting division will help us all.

    • Gidi Adlersberg says:

      Hi Josh,

      MWC went great for us, as we had some very fruitful interactions that will help us achieve a strong international foothold with VocaNOM.

      It’s funny you mentioned the Siri comparison as we heard that a lot during the past week in Barcelona. VocaNOM differentiates from Siri in 2 key parameters:

      A) Unlike Siri, VocaNOM is connected to the corporate address book, allowing communication between employees regardless of their local contact storage. This is great for enterprises since the IT dep. never wants the enterprise contact list stored locally on a user’s smartphone. We make these contacts available without having to save them at all.

      B) While Siri has a 100% dependency on Internet\data connection, VocaNOM’s AUDC-developed speech recognition engine is able to operate completely offline, which basically means it works from everywhere.

      These are 2 major advantages that make VocaNOM a perfect match for the enterprise user.

      With regards to more features down the road, we are definitely working hard to expand the service capabilities, however we feel we already have a strong offering in our hand and we believe the near future will show that accordingly.




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