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A Network Management Idea Whose Time Has Come

It’s clear that the time has come for a solution that gathers all the disparate parts of network management together in one place. A full lifecycle management suite for VoIP deployments that provides monitoring, management and operation of all the products in the network — all in a single pane of glass. AudioCodes’ One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) is that solution.

If it’s Friday, I’ll Take the Scenic Route Home

In my opinion, Waze is the best navigation application in the market today. Actually, Waze is much more than just a navigation app: it’s a community of travelers and commuters who are constantly contributing to form one of the earliest and largest crowd-sourcing platforms. By using on-line navigation data and user notifications, Waze maps traffic jams and sends drivers a variety of notifications including hazardous situations on the road, police presence, and speed cameras.

Is VoIP Jitter, Delay and Packet Loss the Best Measure of Voice Quality?

Empathy – being able to feel sorry for someone else’s troubles – is a basic ingredient for good mental health. However, sometimes, when irony is involved, empathy might turn to ambivalence. For example, you will naturally feel empathy when you see or hear about a building going up in flames, but you might even crack a smile if the building in question is the fire department.

Simplified Call Routing for Complex Networks

One of the main achievements in the world of data routing over the last two decades is the emergence of the distributed routing architecture. Using various routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, EGRP, BGP, etc.), networks are created and modified dynamically and automatically. VoIP routing is much more complicated than data routing, but with no routing protocols.

Super Creativity in Routing Diversity

Recent research shows that “super creativity” is the way the brain makes the connection between different segments of the brain. Furthermore, it’s all about amount and diversity of connectivity. What’s connectivity? Brain anatomy (circuitry) or routing? Perhaps both?

Identifying Toll Fraud is Harder Than finding a Needle in a Haystack

At the time of creation, God spoke with man directly, without any proxy. God spoke to Adam, Eve, the snake and even handled the first murder interrogation by himself when asking Cain “Where is your brother Abel?” When there were too many people, God started sending his messages and commands through prophets. How does this relate to Big Data and Toll Fraud? […]

46.3 Billion Reasons to Invest in Call Toll Fraud Prevention

I remember the summer of 1972 as one hell of a hot summer. We were a bunch of kids on summer vacation without much to do. Our daily routine was mainly playing football in the deserted schoolyard and searching for other “exciting” activities the rest of the day. One day we decided that it would be much “cooler” to stay indoors in the classrooms. So we broke […]