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LTE Voice Summit Not Only About Voice

Service providers that have already launched VoLTE services are starting to experience the complexity of connecting VoLTE to other networks. Service providers understand that VoLTE by itself will not provide the required added value services and are looking for those services in RCS. They should combine these with their own OTT services in order to differentiate.

3 Things Required for Managing Cross Network Voice Quality

So you’ve built your VoLTE network for high quality. You are providing high bandwidth to your customers so browsing and watching video is great. You also managed to get delay, jitter and packet loss down so voice calls are using WB-AMR giving your customers top quality. But even though VoLTE is set to succeed, it will not happen overnight and it can’t be an island

Why RCS Failed

Steve Austin was – Better…Stronger…Faster, that was the hope of RCS (Rich Communication Services). RCS started its journey at the GSMA in 2008 with the promise to allow service providers to deliver “OTT like” services with interoperability across service providers and managed quality of service as it is provided by those that own the network.

Voice is Coming to LTE

Back in 1999, when 3G was still a questionable dream, IMS started to take root as an architecture for mobile services. It was adopted by the 3GPP and later on also by 3GPP2 and other organizations and forums. Standardization work went on for many years resulting in continues releases of standard versions forcing vendors to enter a cat-and-mouse game.

Things I Picked Up at WebRTC World East 2014

Last week was a busy one at WebRTC World in Atlanta with several parallel tracks, demos, keynote sessions and many discussions with long-time friends from the industry and some new friends I made at this event. With all the hype around WebRTC these past couple of years many are now disappointed as they don’t see the growth happening at the “expected” pace.[…]

Why not All WebRTC GWs Were Born Equal

WebRTC, although not finalized in standard bodies, is already being deployed in different networks and segments. One can categorise WebRTC deployments as either an Island or as Open. In reality, Islands need sometimes to connect to mainland and “Open” deployments are not always really open.

Using the SBC Configuration Wizard: An Interview with Michael Williams

Speaking with customers is always a great way to get feedback. The PM team at AudioCodes does this regularly. Avi Grabinsky was kind enough to invite me to join one such virtual meeting. The result of that meeting is this first customer interview on our blog. The interview is with Michael Williams who is a Technical Consultant for Nexus Open systems.

How Personal Can an SBC Get with You?

As I delve more into the nature of the SBC, I uncover additional layers of complexity that the SBC needs to address and solve. Taking a broader view makes me think about the role of standards, or more accurately, where their role ends and where the role of application specific implementation begins. This was taken to the extreme with WebRTC […]

Make it Short, it is Expensive

Mothers-in-law are a sensitive subject. Anyone who has a mother-in law knows this very well. Now, don’t get me wrong. Most people would probably envy me for mine. She got into this post because she is a natural reserve for technology of the 60-70’s. She made a conscious decision to remain planted back in those days in many areas, technology is just one of them.[…]