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Sustaining High Voice Quality Over Broadband

The path to replacing MPLS with broadband   Hosted enterprise communication offers a good solution for enterprises looking to move their communication to the cloud and by doing so, reduce their CAPEX investment as well as benefit from a cloud managed solution that is regularly updated for supporting new technologies and features. These benefits typically come […]

Here’s Why Virtual Is Not Enough for NFV

The road from SW to NFV Telecommunication products were traditionally based on dedicated HW. A collection of technology changes and market requirements have caused many of these products to move away from dedicated HW and to run on x86 platforms. These include: Performance improvement of general purpose processors Media processing acceleration integrated into Intel based […]

Adding a Personal Dialling Assistant to Your Enterprise PBX: An Interview with Eyal Zach

Revolutionizing enterprise dialing I’m an enthusiastic user of VocaNOM so I figured it is time to get Eyal Zach, our VP Business Development for Mobility and VocaNOM answer some questions and tell our readers about the latest advancements and plans for the application. Eyal, tell us about VocaNOM and the target market? VocaNOM allows employees […]

Google Project Fi Challenges Incumbent MVNOs

Mobile communication is a competitive space where operators are striving to introduce new services to better compete with OTT and increase ARPU. On the other end, mobile operators are looking to reduce their operating costs. One way to do so while also increasing user satisfaction is by enabling WiFi calling in their networks. Earlier this […]

What Do You Know about OTT Voice Usage in Your Enterprise?

Encryption doesn’t always equal Privacy. IT departments have all the means to manage voice communication over the enterprise network and know its ins and outs. OTT VoIP traffic, however, is a different story. Most enterprises choose one of two options: Block it or live with the reality. The question is, are these the only two options available and what do enterprises really want to do about OTT VoIP

What Telcos Had to Say at WebRTC 2014

In this post, I want to provide a few highlights of what Telcos presented with regards to their activities in WebRTC on the first day of the conference. The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Sebastian from Slovak Telecom presented this topic nicely by showing how technology and marketing people view it in the telephony context

How Amazon AWS Scaled Up Our Business

For several years we have been in the process of enhancing our products to allow them to live in the cloud, a good example of this is the virtual SBC. In this context we have taken VocaNOM one step further and changed it from being a product to a cloud service running on Amazon AWS. The Amazon team was pretty excited about this and conducted an interview

Not a Toaster after All

Comparing an SBC to a toaster, Andrew concludes that a commoditized SBC competes on capacity and price. Very much like a toaster that competes on the number of slots it has and the price, as after all, you just “put in a slice of bread and it pops out all nice and brown”. Reality though is quite different.