Super Bob

An Introduction to an IT Superhero

One of the great parts of my job is seeing first hand many of the incredible things our end-customers and partners do to bring the power of UC and contact centers to businesses.   Full Lync voice deployments, remote employees, integrated voice mail, SIP trunking and more…virtually all of the projects improve end-user productivity and reduce operating costs.  We feature many of these incredible projects in written and video case studies, but not all of our customers can get past their own or corporate “stage fright” and don’t want to see their name put in the spotlight.  In other cases, the solution is a small effort with much larger implications – the kind of accomplishment that just doesn’t fit the typical case study.

At the same time, it has become clear to us that most of the decision makers in our customer base are bombarded by marketing messages – a drumbeat of whitepapers, webinars and case studies to the point where they all start to look alike.  How can we get our customers accomplishments to stand out amongst all the other noise?

During our annual market summit, held in our headquarters office in Tel Aviv, we did some brainstorming on the issue – trying to find a way to put a spotlight on our partners and end-customers.   And from this, an idea was hatched to create a character that is an amalgam of all the great things that our partners and end-customers have been able to accomplish.  In a creative and graphic way that jumps out from the typical case study, it was decided we needed an IT super-hero.

And with that, we here at AudioCodes are proud to introduce you to Robert Sipman (you can call him Bob if you like) and his comic strip “The Adventures of Super Bob”.  Bob is a regular IT guy that using the tools at his disposal can do some pretty superhero-like things (well, for an IT guy).   For the next few months, we’ll be releasing weekly episodes showing one of the feats that Super Bob has accomplished while on the job.

Super Bob

The real twist come from the source of his adventures – many of his acts are based on real-world situations and stories that our customers have shared with us.  Some will be attributed, while others prefer to remain hidden behind the mask of anonymity. Be sure to follow along – who knows, you may recognize yourself in one of the episodes.

And if you are lucky enough to be headed to Enterprise Connect during March 16-18th, you’ll get a chance to meet Bob at the AudioCodes booth #1129.  Bob can be a little shy, but he’s generous and will be handing out “I met Bob” tee shirts and other goodies during the event – be sure to stop in and snap a selfie with Bob.

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